Hi, Welcome to my Awesome Blog!!! This is a blog about Health, Happiness, and Peace through the training of Dahn Yoga! Dahn Yoga is a series of stretching, breathing, and meditation techniques with it's focus on Ki Energy or (Chi Energy). By accumulating and circulating your energy your body recovers it's natural state of health. Your droopy face starts to crack a smile :) Your heart starts to open :) You can enjoy yourself more easily and spread help heal others by healing yourself.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dahn Yoga & Earth Connection

I have been training and for a while and just got through some myung hyun(healing process that can be unpleasant). When it was over I felt brighter than ever. I was optomistic, had a bounce in my step, and felt like my possibilities were endless. I really felt like I was upgraded to a new level of my training.
I also felt my awareness was more clearly. Especially about the earth's condition. I was surprised of my feeling of urgency about this matter. I believe that I became more intuned with the earth itself and also acquired more responsibility to do something. Healing the earth is not for governments or spiritual leaders alone. In the end they can't heal the earth by themselves. It will take effort from everyone on a regular basis not just as a feel good project once a year. It will take a change in lifestyle. It's ok if everyone can't change right away thats no excuse for any individual not to make an effort. One person makes a huge difference believe it or not.
So what kind of change should we make? When I first started practicing Dahn Yoga I felt my body becoming more healthy and through that my mind and attitude started to change for the better. I wasn't becoming something other than me. I was returning to my natural state. It's hard to believe until you try it but you are really not the way you think you are. That is just your condition. If we could all magically reach a healthy state instantly then our attitudes would be totally different. So what I am saying is start from your body. That means make your body healthy and take physical actions in the real world to change yourself for the better.
When say healthy state I don't just mean physically healthy. Thats just one aspect of you. There is also your energy and mind. Dahn Yoga training approaches mind and body through the medium of energy which binds them. That is why people can have such fast transformations.
I just taught a Dahn Yoga class this morning and felt the need to share this. I hope everyone out in the Blogger Galaxy has a healthy, happy, and peaceful day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Superman Review

Well, I guess I am used to watching the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeves and I didn't really appreciate this rendition. Maybe it was more like the comics than the old movies but I'm not familiar with the comics unfortunatley.
What I liked the least wasn't Superman but Clark Kent. Clark Kent seemed to be less charismatic than the Clark Kent of old. He also seemed to be less virtuous as he tried to kiss a married Louis Lane. I guess I'm just old fashion.
On the upside Kevin Spacey who played Lex Luther did an excellent job. He was very convincing and pretty scary.
I really enjoy the story of Superman but one thing that I think is missisng is the essence of community. Superman is always alone with all of the worlds burden. I think this says a lot of how we in America view heros. Heros are lone characters with special abilities that seperate them from the rest of the world. Realistically to help the wolrd we need a group effort. Even if Superman existed he would not be enough to bring about a better world. It is the responsibility of us all to rise to this challenge. We can start by making ourselves holisticly healthy then share that with our family. Then we can share it with our community and later the world. Great change will come when we as a people come together. In the end everyone wants the same thing. Happiness. Do you know anyone who doesn't want to be healthy? Do you know anyone who doesn't want to be happy? Do you know anyone who doesn't want to have more peace in themselves and their lives? Obviously not. Health, Smlie, Peace (HSP) Lets create an HSP world starting today! :)

Friday, June 30, 2006

Dahn Jon

I just wanted to say that today I realized once again the importance of keeping your center or Dahn Jon. After being very busy the last couple of days I really felt the effects of what happens to your mind if you start to lose your center. There are so many distractions to pull you away. To keep your center takes dilligence. As different situations, tasks, and people begin to interact with you and over stimulate you your Dahn Jon energy begins to circulate in a wierd upside down way. Then you begin to have a lot of useless thoughts, feel selfconscious, get tired easily etc. Before I started training I just figured this is the way it is. I was made this way and it is who I am. This was before I realized that I wasn't just a victim lost in the universe but that I can actually cultivate and create myself and by doing so I am actually coming back to the way I really am. My true self. It only seems like someone else because we have been seperated for so long. Take care,

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dahn Tai Chi

I was just practicing some of my favorite Dahn Tai Chi postures and thought I would write about it a little. Dahn menas "Energy" and Tai Chi means "Supreme Ultimite". Dahn Tai Chi is a noncombatitive martial art that focuses on restoring energy flow for health, healing, and spiritual awakening. Based on Tao principles probably at least 10,000 years old Dahn Tai Chi is modernized with out losing any of it's tradtional priciples. Although martial techniques can be applied Dahn Tai Chi does not focus on it. Instead it focuses on healing body, energy, mind. Also healing self, society, world.
One of the nost unique facets on Dahn Tai Chi, in my opnion, is it's immediate energy sensitivity cultivation. I have studied martial arts for over 10 years and I can tell you first hand people do not develop their energy sensitivity at this rate or depth normally. In Dahn Tai Chi it is introduced and developed from day 1. It is so basic in all Dahn training. Feeling energy really makes it more enjoyable and more amazing.
Another unique quality is that there isn't as much of an emphasis on learning long forms. I like that because it is easier to remember and most new comers feel like they have to keep starting over if they can't remember the postures. The purpose should always be clear in any training. Am I here to learn postures? Is the point of tai chi to memorize forms? Why am I really doing this training? Once you have your own honest answer your training will be a lot more light and fun.
Enjoy with Health, Happiness, and Peace...Gamsahamnida

Sunday, June 18, 2006

X-Men Review

Hi! I just saw X-Men last night and thought I would write my review of it. It was a real let down. I don't want to give anything away but the interaction between the characters was really poor. There were no really intense confrontations except maybe one because "The Phoenix" was so powerful that it was actually boring. However the acting was good as it should be with such a good cast. I would recomend to rent Xmen instead of going to the movies. On a more positive note it was a beautiful day today. Check out this link for Fathers Day. Gamsahamnida!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dahn for the Family, Society, World Peace

Something that I love about the Dahn Center is it's focus on creating peace in this society by cultivating yourself. Because we are all connected through energy, empty space, events, butterfly effect etc by healing yourself you make an impact on the world. What a great concept! Do something good for me and contribute to humanity at the same time! From my experience I can honestly say it works like this. I also love the efforts and programs like "Healing Family" which educates families how to better manage their health and bring them closer together.
After I started training my family began to change right before my eyes. They weren't taking classes with me but it started to seem like they were. Our conversations were different. My father was more interested in the purpose of life and spirituality! I couldn't believe the one night we had the old "What does it all mean?" conversation. Because you and your family are so deeply connected you can see their energy change if you start to grow yourself. After a while more and more things may seem possible.
I remember the first time I realized that peace was possible. I was really surprised. I talked about peace before but really I didn't believe in it's possiblity. Then one day it hit me. Not a thought but a feeling, a glimpse of what it could be like. In that moment it seemed really easy to achieve. I felt like the world leaders of peace must see it this way all the time. It really is possible!
So what can we do about it realisticaly? Well I'd say start with yourself. Start to heal yourself first. Then what? Well, to me the next logical step would be to heal your family. GREAT! Then what? Well, from there you can heal your society. GREAT! So how do I do that.
Well, I'm sure there are many ways, but if you didn't guess it just yet the one way that I know about is Dahn Yoga. There is a huge stage to grow myself in this community. Then there is even a bigger stage to heal others. It's just something you have to see for yourself, no words can describe it. I'll leave you off with this link to a great story about a "Healing Family" I wish everyone Health, Happiness, and Peace :) Gamsahamnida,


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How To Unfry Your Brain From Computer Work

I've been in front of the computer all day. I forgot what it was like when I used to work with computers for a living. Now that I am more sensitive to my body and energy I can really feel what a toll it can take on you. NOT TO WORRY!!!
Sitting in front of the computer can deplete your energy as well as make it circulate incorrectly. To address both of these issues we should focus on the 2'nd chakra or what we call in Dahn the "Dahn Jon" in Chinese "Dan Tien" There are many ways to stimulate your Dahn Jon. One is by simply tapping it with both hands pretty firmly. I have done this for an hour once and the result was incredible. My mind was so clear and I felt like I had endless amount of energy. I could see myself and others very clearly. When you center your energy the effects could be amazing. There might be more info on www.DahnYoga.com check it out.
I would also recomend not sitting the whole time in front of the computer. Right now I'm standing in "Horse Stance" as I am typing this. That way I can train, work, and center my energy at the same time. NO PROBLEM ;)
And Finally...take a break! Take 3 min.'s every 2 hrs and do some simple stretching and breathing at your desk. Don't worry you have the time to do it. Yes you do, please don't try to convince me otherwise. Your work will be more creative, productive, and peaceful = "POWER BRAIN"! GOOD LUCK.......Gamsahamnida